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Provisionally planned for the Alameda Walk during June 2018, the Big Lunch is somewhere between a street party and a communal picnic - the chance for friends, families and neighbours to come together and enjoy home-cooked food outdoors. 

It'll take a community effort to pull off the Big Lunch so we're looking for team members who meet any of the following descriptors...

  • Have baking experience and could judge the cake-baking competition.
  • Can (be taught to) sew bunting triangles, men included.
  • Have a tall step ladder.
  • Have friends on the town council.
  • Know where we could get our hands of lots of tressle tables and chairs.
  • Have a mate in a band who could play.
  • Have experience of organising a street party or community event.
  • Can come up with Big Lunch activities to make it fun for all ages.
  • Could design posters, fliers and invitations.
  • Love Ampthill or food or food and Ampthill.

Deadline: 31st October 2017