How to Join

OK, so you're interested in joining #AmpthillFlexi and supporting communities near and far, that's great! 

Moving Rotary clubs

If you've been a Rotary member in another club, then fill in the form below or email us on and we'll get back to you with the next meeting time and joining instructions.

Rotary Newbies

Before becoming an #AmpthillFlexi member you might like to dip your toes in the Rotary waters by turning up to a meeting and/or going along to a small social evening. That's what we all did before joining.

You can expect to meet normal people with kids or grandchildren who go to one of the schools nearby, a lawyer, a policewoman, an architect, a charity trustee, a bbq chef, The Lovliest Gran in Ampthill, a teacher, an accountant and someone who we're not quite sure what they do.

If you were expecting a secret handshake and a cloak, you'll be disappointed.

Ampthill & District Rotary Club

#AmpthillFlexi is one group within Ampthill & District Rotary Club. There is also a Regular Group who meet weekly in the centre of Ampthill. 


Express your interest

Express your interest in #AmpthillFlexi by using the form below or emailing us on We'll get back to you with the time of the next get together, whether that's a meeting or a small social.


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