Maureen (retired teacher) and Nigel (EXECUTIVE & CAREER COACH)

We belonged to Ampthill & District Rotary Club but as we became busy with work and grandchildren, we applied to Rotary International to form one the first groups in the world to take an innovative, flexible approach to Rotary, so it can welcome a wider range of busy people who want to give something back to our great community. 

We host a summer garden party and raise funds for Rotary causes locally and overseas. Maureen is active in local schools involving youngsters in RotaKids and Rotary competitions.


pam (radiographer)

I joined Rotary as I was new to Ampthill and wanted to get involved in the community and get to know people.  The #AmpthillFlexi club was ideal for me: I work full time and the format accommodates that. 
Rotary has given me the opportunity to really feel as if I belong in Ampthill - I have made good friends and had a lot of fun along the way.


Bruno (teacher) and Nicola (solicitor)

We joined #AmpthillFlexi soon after moving to Ampthill because we wanted to get to know some people as well as make a difference. It's quite nice to walk into the town and bump into one or two familiar faces!

Liz (Charity Trustee)

I've been involved in #AmpthillFlexi since the beginning because I wanted to get more involved in the local community and raise funds for local projects e.g. a new classroom at Firs Lower School, whilst making new friends in the process.

I'm also on the organising committees for Ampthill Fireworks and I'm lucky to travel as part of my role with the Costa Foundation.

Ryan (Accountant) and Claire (Accountant)

After living in Ampthill for 10 years, we joined the #Ampthill Flexi group in January 2017 as we were keen to be involved with more community projects and events.

With both of us working full time and being parents, being part of the Flexi group means that we can still both contribute alongside balancing work and home life. 

Rotary has also provided us with the opportunity to meet new friends and feel part of this great community.

Stu (architect) and Lyn (Accountant)

Stu initially joined the regular Rotary nearly 15 years ago to meet people and to get involved when we first moved to Ampthill. Things had to change when children came along 11 years ago as well as setting up an architectural practice in Ampthill and we have been part of the Flexi group from it's beginning and enjoy being able to give something back to the community whilst being a part of the enormous Worldwide Rotary community.

Stu is Head Coach for our son's year group at Ampthill Rugby as well as being a very active member of Ampthill Festival for over 10 years whilst Lyn is Membership Secretary for the whole of Ampthill Rugby Mini & Youth as well as Team Manager for her son's team, part of the Ampthill Fireworks committee and a Governor at the local school whilst supporting daughter at netball training and tournaments!

Charles (Chaz) Perry

I am a gemmologist specialising in valuations on diamond set jewellery and antique and period jewellery.

The company supplies expertise to retail jewellers in the Herts, Beds and Bucks area. It was founded in 1986 and is the oldest specialist valuation company in England .

When not looking at jewellery I travel a lot, play golf and ski


Teja (Physiotherapist)

After moving to the lovely town of Ampthill 2 years ago we wanted to find a way of being involved in our local community. Ampthill flexi was the perfect way. Having recently joined, we try to contribute as a family as best we can, balancing work, children and life! We’ve met some truly wonderful people and look forward to contributing further as times goes by.


Pat was born in California and moved to England in 1972 to marry Richard Combes. She was a teacher and raised 3 children. Pat retired from teaching in 2000 and then travelled the world with my husband. My husband died 5 years ago and I moved to Ampthill. I have 6 gorgeous grandchildren and 2 step grandchildren.

Becky_Kerr_Photography_JUNE2020_Doorstep_Blomfeild-9 (2).jpg

Karen (Customer Support Consultant) and Dominic (Architect)

We joined Ampthill Flexi about 2 years ago via friends who were already involved. We are both heavily involved with Ampthill Festival and the local Scout group and really enjoy meeting people and making a difference and saw joining Ampthill Flexi as a way of further being part of the community that is Ampthill. Our daughter Elizabeth is also a Rotakid so it really is a family affair! 

Ryan (Teacher)

Ryan is a busy teacher in a local secondary school and joined #AmpthillFlexi because it allowed him to contribute to causes in the area while fitting it around his school commitments.


Trevor Nash

I became a Rotarian about ten years ago as it gave me an opportunity to contribute to the local community and other good causes.  I was President of Ampthill and District Rotary in 2016/17 and during that time I was involved in supporting the development of the Flexible Group of the Club. Once the decision was taken that it should become a Rotary Club in its own right, I chose to transfer as I was attracted by the innovative approach of Ampthill Park Flexi Rotary. The less formal and more flexible approach to meetings and obligations allows me to still be involved in community fund raising whilst fitting well with other commitments and areas of my life.

James Martin Flexi.jpg

James Martin

Having worked in Business Finance for over 30 years I left Banking in 2019 and am now studying Bookkeeping and working part time in accounts. I am married with three teenage children and have lived in the area for over 20 years. After leaving full time employment I joined AmpthillFlexi to help me become more involved in the local community and meet new people. I love supporting my family with their sports be it football, tennis, climbing and running. Post hip surgery I restrict myself to walking and rowing for which I am a member of the recreational squad at the Star Boat Club in Bedford.

We are a diverse group of people who are always on the look out to bring new faces from all walks of life into the #AmpthillFlexi (formally known as Ampthill Park Rotary Club).

If you like the sound of what we do and if your lifestyle demands a flexible approach to supporting the local and international communities, then #AmpthillFlexi could be a good fit.