MYTH 1: You have to attend every week

#AmpthillFlexi club is designed to meet the needs of busy people.

Rotary clubs typically meet on a weekly basis and members are encouraged to attend whenever possible.  However, #AmpthillFlexi is one of 200 innovative clubs around the world that meets more flexibly.

#AmpthillFlexi members are still involved in fundraising activities and community service projects but on a more, well, flexible basis.  We organise and keep in touch via email and WhatsApp and usually a monthly meeting.  Some members are able to attend every month, and some every few months.  We prefer to focus on what you can contribute, not what you can’t.

MYTH 2: Rotary is for men only

Women are not only welcome in Rotary but outnumber the men in #AmpthillFlexi

Rotary International began in 1905, and for the first 84 years of its existence, it is true that women were not admitted into membership.  

However, there are currently more women than men in #AmpthillFlexi and there are as many joint members (e.g. husband and wife) as individual members. 

MYTH 3: Rotary is for old people 

Some believe that your age is just a number, and it is your attitude that is important.

So we assume that depends on at which age you believe “old” cuts in, but you can join Rotary at 25+. The current age range in #AmpthillFlexi is 32 to 70.

MytH 4: Rotary is only for Doctors, Lawyers and CEOs 

Rotary is not elitist.

Our membership base is a broad cross-section of people from diverse backgrounds and professions.  Our diversity is our strongest asset. Teachers, bankers, accountants, retailers, students, plumbers, electricians, health care workers, farmers… you name it, they are all represented in Rotary.  Work from home?  In business?  Out of work? Retired? There is a place for you in Rotary.

Myth 5: MembersHIp is by invitation only

Not true.

Most #AmpthillFlexi members got in touch through the website, our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or saying "hey" at an event we were at. We accept members from all walks of life and encourage interested people to attend one of the monthly meetings or socials to first get a flavour of what we do. Like a 2 hour internship...with nibbles and drinks.

See the How to Join page for more information.

Myth 6: Rotary is a religious organisation or a secret society

Rotary is non-religious and non-political.

We have no secret handshake, no secret meetings and no secret rituals. It is an open organisation of men and women who simply believe in helping others.

Myth 7: All Rotarians do is eat together

OK, you got us there. It's not all we do but there's a good chance food will be involved. We're a social club after all! 

At #AmpthillFlexi we tuck in to nibbles around someone's kitchen table while getting on with the project work.  

Myth 8: You’ve seen one Rotary club, you’ve seen them all

They are all unique, with unique members, unique projects, and a unique culture.

There are over 34,000 Rotary clubs in 200 countries worldwide (over 1,600 in the UK) and no two are the same. 

In Ampthill, we're lucky to have two clubs; Ampthill Park Flexi Rotary Club and Ampthill & District Club. Hopefully one of them is just right for you!